The Beach Life in Mexico

Updated: Mar 11

No sooner written than experienced.

As I was cleaning up the sand on the tiled floor and along the edge with the giant sidewalk broom. But one quick motion and there in front of me was the passport. Damn! Blinked off, blinked on!

Once you file that your passport is lost, they cancel the number worldwide. So, still on track to head five hours to the closest consulate for an interview and wait for the new one to arrive.

More on the passport latter.

Just after finding the passport we traveled to the nearby beach of Playa Tenacatita. Driving through the verdant jungle where Iguanas are thick and cross the highways without a care in the world, a lesson about losing a passport from an Iguana.

Driving off the highway onto the dirt road leading to the beach you pass what I would call a settlement. It has several never completed buildings, or under construction for years. Two hotels, open air market filled with hanging clothes and Mexico colors flashing from the sun. There was a small store on the side of the road, a horse tied in front and I felt like I was in the old West.

When we arrived at the beach there were hundreds of faded umbrellas dotting along with food stands and parking serving those under certain colored umbrellas. We settled under the red umbrellas and after a dip in the Pacific Ocean we ordered food from the stand, which was ok half, literally of a camper.

The beer and chips were everywhere and as small as it was, we found the food delicious. A crème and pineapple sauce pasta with shrimp was unexpected and wonderful.

Then, I started having pain in my back, a chronic issue, from the hard beds, chairs, roads, etc. So, on the way back I was feeling stressed.

As I walked through the door of our apartment I ran to the bathroom. I though Montezuma was having revenge because I was in and out of the bathroom all night. But around an hour or two into the evening I developed a temperature and figured it was a 24-hour flu.

I carry homeopathic remedies with me when I travel, and this was the time determined which was suited to the symptoms. Homeopathy is a healing art where similar cures similar. Meaning symptoms created by taking a crude substance in its highly diluted state heals the same symptoms that someone might have.

My morning I was fine and just a little tired from not sleeping well on the, have I mentioned, hard beds. We walked into the town past the many food stands, and tiny markets, and beautiful art.

I began thinking that just because we found the passport doesn't mean that saga is over!!

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