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Updated: Mar 11

Answering the question ‘what should I do if I have lost a passport in Mexico' brought interesting feedback from Google. Immediate I fell into a dark hole stretched across Einstein’s gravitational membrane, i.e. government websites. One site led to another and another and as I found out, there must be nothing for the thousands of employees in these government departments to do except write pages and pages of web information that takes you orbiting the moon.

After the thirteenth orbit, I was feeling exhausted when I discovered Jupiter was setting with the distant sun.

Does this giant gas ball have troubles like this? Millions of miles of empty nothing between me and Jupiter was how like the distance from me to the reality of getting that new passport. I can’t help but feel perhaps the passport is on Jupiter. So I’ll head there!

Finally, I arrived on Jupiter after the 16th call got through. The beleaguered COVID staff answered saying, “send an email to this address…. request an emergency appointment at the consulate, but don’t fill out the form online till you get the appointment.”

After, sending the email to various addresses, because the first email address was dead, I received rejections. I realized I was long past Jupiter and now stuck in a quantum entanglement with forces unseen and unknown.

I decided not to worry, I will fill out the lost passport form anyway.

Indeed, luck changed, and I headed back toward earth. Filling in the form required information from the passport: its number, birth information, etc. I had all that as I had just applied for the Global Entry pass. So, I completed the form expeditiously.

Suddenly I shot like a rocket toward disgraced and belittled Pluto. What? I’m to print and then mail this form to Washington, D.C. and in eleven weeks we should expect a reply. We leave in six!

I traveled so far beyond the light of the sun, I decided to lose myself in the local street market. The electronics at the market are fascinating. Like a Casio watch with a radium dial, like from the ’60s. Then, I turned left at Saturn, or was it, Neptune!

When I flipped the watches over the back said it was made in China. Wait! What? I believe it was Japan that made all the trinkets and cheap watches then. This is a new watch? Apparently, a lot of the knick-knacks are from China!!

So far, these experiences are harder to figure out than quantum physics thing about nonlocality. Better than reading physics journals!

So, the thing in physics where electrons blink on and off will certainly be the next experience on this vacation.

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