June 26, 2022 - Compassion and Service

From a spiritual perspective, the perilous condition of the world today is caused, at its root, when we as human beings are disconnected from our true selves.

Where is our compassion?

When the very constitution of a country moves from the ideal equal protection for all people, if we are not striving as a society to help each other live those ideas, then we have lost our compassion and our society and gained a corrupted collective Ego - often born out of a wounded heart. That’s wanting your suffering to be everyone’s suffering…that a classic demonstration of “Me first.”

Our ego may have us believe that we have a good intention, but really, we lose our connection to truth, a beauty and love and our lessons on earth multiply.

Where is the compassion for our environment?

In our environment, we are depending on the same sun, moon, water, earth, foods - Harming the planet is suicide. But you don’t care if your motive is self-serving. When it comes from a lost connection to spirit, then the sense of separation and leads to corruption of the mind and then our character, our behaviors, are greedy, self-serving,

In the corporate world, there are many amazing executives who see what’s happening and working to change it.

And the leaders of the many top companies of the world that are damaging the planet, society and disproportionately driving more and more people into poverty–well heed the words of “the Meek shall inherit the earth.” Whereas the cloud of ego has turned their lives into seeking to fill the emptiness of their lives.

What is the business school teaching the student who become these corporate titans? How to beat everyone to the top and get what you want? The game is get the most you can? Jack Welsh, former CEO of GE, was the wise and amazing wizard of industry. Today, we find he was so ego driven… and that hippy generation, my generation, that were all about free love generation, we wanted to right the wrongs of the world, stop oppression and what happened became the yuppies are whatever they could grab to some of these titans…who didn’t care because the wound and loss of innocence was too great and the suffering to intense…cover that up and go for the gold!

With technology, the world has never been more connected externally—we have Internet, social media, cell phones, satellite phones and television, streaming—yet today’s news is dominated by terrorism, oppression, abuse, social conflict, and warnings of environmental disasters.

Yet each one of us can be the change we want to see in the world.

Michael Singer says we all have a three-ring circus in our head. There is an awareness of the objective world (out there), awareness of our internal world (inside) and awareness of being. But we have been trained and told to focus on the world of objects because we’re told you can find pleasure, joy, and happiness there. And often our emotions and feelings push us back and forth…seeking and wanting.

But this happiness we find in the world, although it may be authentic, it doesn’t last. It is like the clouds in the sky parting for a moment and the blue sly shine through. We go awe, yes, then it closes and we go wait for what happened.

Compassion is selfless service!!

When we live from our True Self, we recognize it in all sentient beings, even in the rocks and planets, because Divine love, our essential being, pours out of us into the world, and pours into us from the divine

To know and experience our genuine connection is to know genuine compassion.

“True compassion does not come from wanting to help those less fortunate than ourselves, but from realizing our kinship with all beings.” Pema Chödrön

The joy of life is expressing our true compassion in whatever we do.

Through modern technology, such incredible connections exist in the world anywhere, anytime. Shaker can call his friends in India; I can call my sister in California…but that same technology in the hands of people with unfortunate evil intentions is networking and spreading their cause throughout the world.

We must address the problem if we are harmonizing the inner to outer world. If we harmonize the inner heart of love, then the outer world changes. When we show our compassion, our inner peace and happiness, others will ask how! And that’s how it spreads.

People’s values, behaviors and philosophies need to be uplifted.

Ego today often masquerades as compassion or doing the right thing - let me help the less fortunate person, let me give them a dime, they aren’t as lucky as I am and it makes me feel good to give them…. That’s the ego’s self-aggrandizement, not true compassion, - this isn’t compassion.

Compassion is the realization and experience of the Divinity in all beings and when this is our perspective is holistic—its true connection.

Amma, the hugging saint, when asked, said, “I don’t see the individual person with and all that is happening. I investigate the world. I see the divine light in all.”

When we make internal connect, we don’t see male and female—in the Astral Plane there is no gender—

When we see all as equal, not just profess it in a constitution, and live opposite of that, that happens because we have lost our perspective on this life…we have lost touch with our divine nature.

The clouds are covering our true nature.

There are several ways to reconnect.

1. Being in a spiritual community of like-minded people where you feel the connection, community, and compassion.

2. A spiritual practice, keeping time every day to internally nourish our connection, whether through meditation, prayer, chanting, dancing (the Whirling Dervish.

3. Harmonizing your inner motives with the outer world through compassionate action.

Rosie’s Garage.

Rosie Esperionza moved into a home in Brea with her two kids. Immediately, she worried if she made the right decisions. Kids stood on the corners with baseball bats. She organized a neighborhood watch and the next day, when nasty spray-painted words were written on her house, that this was the wrong approach.

She created and K-12 tutoring in her garage to help the kids. She brought the high school student with a good grade to help. The first day she had 16 kids. She said they really wanted to learn.

Within two years, more kids were graduating, school grades went up and crime dropped and she went on the start of five more Rosie’s garage in Santa Anna, La Habra, etc.

Rosie went from the ego’s need to protect her family and community, to let’s help the kids and the result you just heard.

You are a compassionate being of the Divine. We are all equal in the eyes of the Divine, let’ see if we can live up to that through our compassion for ourselves and for others.!

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